Quick And Easy Fathead Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe With Coconut Butter

Fuel up on these homemade keto cinnamon rolls fathead styled. They have coconut butter icing, which is truly fanciful as well as are not just ketogenic as well as gluten free, but freezer compliant, so you can make them ahead for weeks or even more as well as utilize coconut butter, so are even the bomb for vegan family.

Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This low carbohydrate cinnamon rolls recipe takes just 40 mins throughout, really take less time than various other cinnamon rolls recipes.

Our inspiration for these AMAZING keto cinnamon rolls was from numerous resources, yet besides being a reduced carbohydrate reward, were adjusted to have REAL cinnamon, so you could have even more health and wellness take advantage of something already great for you taste as well as tummy.


As much of you understand, we are HUGE followers of coconut flour. Yet utilizing coconut flour is a little difficult and also isn’t the very best for more fragile dishes, particularly pasta and also great breads. Instead we have actually utilized fathead dough from cheese as well as macadamia nuts.

Obviously, the flavor from the macadamias makes the dough taste fantastic, however what will place you TRULY over the top is the coconut butter that you’ll be adding on at the end. Certainly, the erythritol for sweet taste with the natural sweet taste of the cinnamon helps a great deal, yet it’s actually celebrity base that makes these what they are.


It is very important to mix the dough effectively. Just utilize a food mill to complete this. Chilling the dough can additionally help if it appears a bit too sticky to work with even after mixing well.

Considering that we are dealing with whole macadamia nuts, run them via a mixer first, to make great crumbs. Make use of the mixer to create the fathead dough, as well. Try to pulse, and also do not exaggerate it, or you’ll end up with nut butter!

A lot of the sweetness will come from your filling. Pulse in some erythritol and baking powder, after that eggs as well as vanilla.

Heat the mozzarella and cream cheese up until you can mix them with each other. A dual boiler on the oven functions fine, however you can also utilize a microwave.

Include this to the food processor, pushing it down, and procedure to create the dough. Occasionally you have to quit as well as press celebrity toward the blade to blend it well.

Refrigerate the dough before proceeding, because it will certainly be also sticky to collaborate with right away. Normally, thirty minutes to a hr suffices time to make it workable, but some dampness is actually rather typical.

All the dough right into a rectangular shape in between 2 pieces of parchment paper. Utilizing a little coconut oil to layer the dough can help make it less sticky.

Obviously you do not intend to forget including the loading to your keto cinnamon rolls! Brush the rectangle with even more coconut oil, after that sprinkle with a mixture of erythritol as well as cinnamon.

Currently comes the tough hardest part. Roll the rectangular shape into a log. This can be a little hard. Cover your hands with even more coconut oil as you roll, meticulously peeling the dough far from the parchment as you go along. If you obtain any type of splits, simply secure them back together.

Slice the log into slices and also put the pieces onto a lined baking pan, to ensure that they are practically touching, about a centimeter apart.

Remember that fathead cinnamon rolls will expand and increase during baking. Placing them as well close with each other will not give them area to expand, yet also much apart and they will spread out rather than increasing. Regardless, you can collaborate with the finished product and also it will certainly be assured DELICIOUS!

Bake your keto cinnamon rolls for about 25 mins, till they are nice and golden. It’s important to let them cool down a bit prior to including topping. This is because they need to firm up at the end, to maintain the topping ahead (but make certain they are still warm when you do the icing).

With everybody caring these keto cinnamon rolls, you can share them as a low carb treat or a keto morning meal, regardless of WHO your company.

Preparation Time 20 mins

Prepare Time 20 mins

Total Time 40 minutes

Adapted from Writer Maya Krampf’s recipe on WholesomeYum.com


Decorating Piping Bag (optional).

Approx 10 oz Macadamia nuts.

1/4 mug Erythritol.

1 tbsp cooking powder.

2 huge Egg.

1 tsp Vanilla remove (optional).

4 cup Mozzarella cheese (shredded).

4 oz Cream cheese.


1/2 mug coconut butter (cozy).

2 tablespoon Ceylon Cinnamon.


1/3 cup Coconut Butter (warm).

2 tbsps coconut milk (optional).


Location the macadamia nuts right into a food mill fitted with an S knife blade. Pulse simply up until the nuts reach a great crunchy uniformity, without big items. See to it to pulse, do not leave the food mill running, to attempt to make flour as well as not nut butter. Scrape the sides as needed. The nuts may still begin to form nut butter a little, however try to stay clear of as much as possible.

Add the erythritol and also cooking powder. Pulse a couple times, simply till combined.

Include the eggs as well as vanilla. Pulse a pair times once again, just until combined.

Warm the mozzarella and also cream cheese on the stove in a double central heating boiler, up until easy to mix within 5 minutes. Mix up until smooth.

Add celebrity mixture to the mixer after buttering up sides of food processor with a little coconut oil. Press celebrity combination down into the nut/egg mixture. Pulse/puree up until an uniform dough forms, doing your best to scrape down the sides as needed. If you have problem getting it to mix, you can knead it a little with a spatula and after that pulse some extra.

Refrigerate the dough right in the food processor for regarding 30-60 minutes, up until the top is solid and not sticky.

On the other hand, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (191 levels C). Line a 9×13 in (23 x 33 cm) cooking frying pan with parchment paper.

Meanwhile, making the topping. Beat coconut milk right into the cozy coconut butter a tbsp at a time, up until the topping is easy enough to drizzle.

When the keto cinnamon rolls are firm enough, pour the frosting over them.

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